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2019 Automazione Annual Video Collection
2019 Automazione Annual Video Collection
2019 Automazione TAnnual Video Collection.
  • [2019]Perfect! Automazione 2019 CISMA ShangHai, We set sail!
  • [2019] Happy News | Automazione, won the official "CISMA2019 Smart Sewing Demonstration Product" award
  • [2019]Automazione will meeting you! September 25th-September 28th, 2019 CISMA exhibition, we do not see the end!
  • [2019]Automazione "shared economy" advanced into the manufacturing industry, and the country's first "wisdom sharing workshop" opened its head in Qingdao! …
  • [2019]Congratulations Automazione! Successful signing up for China White Industrial Park and opening a better new chapter!
  • [2019]Automazione -- Meet the Youth Chamber of Commerce in Suzhou

   Suzhou AUTOMAZIONE Automatic Sewing Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company which specializes in developing and producing automatic sewing machines mainly including programmable electronic  pattern sewing machines and automatic sewing units suitable for jeans & casuals, suits, shirts & uniform and also car seats, sofa and airbags.

  Unlike other manufacturers, AUTOMAZIONE has hired several experts from Changzhou Numeric Control R&D Center and invested in developing and producing the complete control system for automatic machines by itself, realizing mechatronic technology in one factory...

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